30 Dec 2010

‘Choices’ A show about Options

Year 9 choices

Case Study: ‘Choices’ A Theatre in Education performance for year 9 and Year 11 students. Funded by Telford and Wrekin borough council

Overview: Create an engaging piece of theatre looking at options for year 9 and year 11 students with a focus on apprenticeships and different learning styles.

Keys Aims

  • Raise awareness of choices available to year 9 students at key stage 3
  • Raise awareness of choices available to year 11 students at post 16
  • Encourage individuals to make a well informed realistic decision for their next steps
  • Promote resources such as career advisors, teachers, and significant others to help in choosing option choices
  • Use pre- released character videos to show insights into worries and fears of options before the show

A series of theatre performances along with a media resource in the form of a youtube video were delivered that informed and inspired students, giving them a clear understanding of potential educational routes they could take thus, helping them to choose the right options. It was all about the young people making a well informed realistic decision.

Feedback has been very positive, with over 80% of young people saying the show helped them with their options, what’s more appealing is 100% of young people thought that a theatre production was the way to get the message across.

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