What we do

2engage Performing Arts Company are currently in residence at the University of Chester’s Kingsway campus.

We are known throughout the Northwest for delivering relevant and engaging educational arts projects, and pioneering in the creation and delivery of participative content for a range of audiences.

Our passion stems from our ability to use drama as a tool for engagement and transformation. Honing over a decade of experience and expertise to challenge mind sets, explore prevalent issues and, most importantly improve the lives of young and vulnerable people.

Arts Projects

We build creative partnerships with forward thinking organisations and funding partners who share similar values. Our projects are always relevant, educational and have positive effects on the lives of the people who participate.

Workshop Facilitation

Having forged our own energetic and engaging style of workshop delivery over the last 13 years of practice, our interactive workshops are a key element of the work and services we carry out. We attract schools, colleges, universities, community groups and businesses that want to offer an interactive approach to education, training and the facilitation of people.

Educational Theatre

2engage are producers of powerful educational theatre offering a combination of research and issue based performances to a range of clients who want to communicate to audiences using a piece of engaging theatre.

Our work in not exclusive to one type of client. 2engage have professionally engaged people of all abilities, backgrounds and ages. This is because we believe the arts are inclusive; they can benefit all; everyone can take part and have a positive impact on communities.