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2engage University Outreach Programmes
University Outreach & Widening Participation

We know that outreach days are more than just a ‘fun day at university’ – most universities provide campus tours, guest speakers, interactive sessions and more. Bringing in 2engage will make your outreach experience even more dynamic, we’re already working with a host of universities including the ‘Higher Horizons’ network

Whatever your outreach programme includes, 2engage can add that dramatic edge to make the day even more memorable. 2engage have a range of engaging theatre performances and workshop activities that will raise aspirations, widen participation and increase the awareness of UK higher education and its many benefits.

We guarantee young people will leave with that ‘feel-good factor’, feeling positive about university whether they are considering HE or not.

2engage already assist with outreach programmes and widening participation initiatives across three universities, offering widening participation officers, outreach coordinators and HE ambassadors a range of engaging and inspiring performance presentations created to support the ‘outreach’ experience you offer.

The ‘need to know’

  • Our services are competitively priced and are repeatedly rated as the most enjoyable and strongest element of the day.
  • Our shows are pitched at just the right level and provide important information in an accessible and engaging way.
  • All presentations fit nicely into a 1 hour slot.

There are currently four performances that fit perfectly within the widening participation continuum as well as workshops and bespoke sessions available to state schools across the Northwest. Click the links below for more information.

–          Primary transition performance for year 5/6

–          Aspiration raising & motivational show for year 7/8

–          Year 8/9 post 14 options theatrical presentation

–          A performance promoting HE & University Life



“The Students seemed enthralled by the performance and the humour. They will remember the day much more dearly because of it. Of the 179 pupils who attended both outreach days, 97% either agreed or strongly agreed that the ‘Choices’ performance was useful, engaging and interesting”
Chris Farrington, Outreach Coordinator, The University of Manchester

“The 2engage ‘Choices’ performance was amazing, it really helped the young people focus on what options to choose and made them think about their strengths, weaknesses and their own potential career progression”
Helen Beech – Widening Participation, (post 16), University of Chester

“The ‘Moving Up’ transition performance was one of the best performances we have been involved with from 2engage. It kept all of the pupils engaged and touched on the relevant topics that pupils were concerned about, in a fun and clever way! It was pitched at the right level and prompted lots of questions! Lots of fun, and very informative at the same time!”
Matthew Williams, Widening Participation and Collaboration Officer, Manchester Metropolitan University.

“The 2engage Primary Transition show ‘Moving Up’ was highly engaging and interactive. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the performers address all the worries and doubts that they might have about going to high school. It was pitched at just the right level allowing the ‘too cool for school’ kids to let their guard down and really think about what issues going to high school might bring for them. The children who might be genuinely nervous about going I think would be reassured about what to do if something went wrong – like getting lost. All worries were covered and the show allowed the children to start getting excited about their new experiences and leaving primary school. It certainly made me think about how exciting being 11 was.”
Catherine Campbell – Collaborative Partnerships Office, MMU & University of Manchester.

“We were very impressed by the performance and follow up activities on Friday. I have rarely seen our students so fully engaged so thank you so much, a thoroughly worthwhile session”
David Inglis, SAC Year 7, Culceth High

“The performance was superb! It was a huge hit with the children (and us!). On the evaluation forms many if not all said that it was their favourite activity of the day”
Jodie Lawton, Outreach Assistant, University of Chester

“Both staff and students thought your production was fantastic, it was obviously well received and made an impact on the whole year group. I will certainly recommend this production to colleagues in other institutions and would definitely like to work with you again on future projects. Thank you.”
Jessica Joyce – Education Consultant, Cranford College

If you would like to know more on how 2engage could enhance your outreach activities, please get in touch by emailing or calling 01244 515872.