19 Apr 2013

Understanding Others


We spend a huge amount of our time at work and this workshop breaks down the very essence of working alongside others and respecting diversity in the workplace.

Participants are placed in teams and given different scenarios, and through participatory theatre must work together to come up with a respectful solution. Open discussion means that they are then able to come up with new scenarios which enables them to explore different approaches and subsequent consequences.

Through teamwork, discussion and elements of forum theatre, this workshop explores respect for others at work; privacy, physical space, belongings, opinions, ability, beliefs and personality are all covered through a set of pre-written scenarios.

Key Aims:

  • Raised aspirations and increased confidence.
  • Addresses concentration and focus of learners.
  • Overcoming communication, language barriers diversity.
  • Introduce team and group related exercises and discussion.
  • Explore scenarios of respect suggested by the participants.
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