04 Mar 2016

‘The Snap Trap’ – A Performance Addressing Sexting Amongst Young People


Overview: ‘The Snap Trap’ is an interactive performance addressing the problems of inappropriate use of technology, including smartphone safety, peer pressure and helping young people recognise risks.

Aimed at: Years 5 and 6.

Performance length: 45 minutes

Key Aims:

  • To help young people recognise risk and avoid making mistakes.
  • To use technology safely and appropriately.
  • Empower young people to report online danger and smartphone misuse.
  • To share ideas, promote discussion and learn more about e-safety.


‘The Snap Trap’ follows the stories of Sam and Amy, two primary school children who are exposed to technology in their everyday lives. Audiences are invited to engage from the start of the performance as the main characters are exposed to peer pressure, deception, cyber-bullying and sexting (although this is never mentioned) in a variety of settings. Through interactive segments, facilitators discuss online friendships, uploading photo and video content, privacy settings and how to report bullying or crime online with audiences.

These difficult topics are discussed in a delicate and professional manner over a 45 minute performance which displays the consequences of risky behaviour and encourages audiences to think about how these situations can be prevented.

Reviews from Young People

“The performance taught me to be safer and not listen to bullies.”

“I liked how I got to choose the endings.”

“I know the SMART rules so that I can stay safe online.”

“The play was good and made me worry less about dangerous people on the internet.”

“I enjoyed the performance as I liked the characters on the stage.”

“I understand the risks of the internet and feel much safer now.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for letting me watch the theatre production this morning, it was great to see the children from both schools engaged in such a potentially difficult subject.  It looked like they gained a lot from listening to and interacting during the production!”

Sarah Constable – Delivery & Planning Team Telford Council

“The Snap Trap’ was excellent. It was intelligently produced and delivered professionally. I believe it should be an essential activity for all children to see and take part in.”

Caroline Stacey – Headteacher

“Excellent pitch and really well put across. To be fair I was apprehensive about this – fear of the unknown on a tricky subject. It was so relevant to the children and I feel will go a long way to equipping them for the challenges of secondary school where they won’t have the high levels of support they have in our primaries. So glad we put our name down!” 

Rachel Cooke – Headteacher, Newdale School

For more information on ‘The Snap Trap’, please contact info@2engage.co.uk or go to our Contact Us page.

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