18 Apr 2013

Team Building Workshop


For 10 years 2engage have delivered team building workshops to a range of audiences, from school year groups to teams of staff from all sectors. Our team building workshops are entertaining, challenging and delivered with the energy that 2engage are known for. We ensure every team-based session is highly competitive and carefully planned so each session tests teams both physically and mentally. Our sessions have been crafted to aim for the following:

  • Self-development and heightened confidence.
  • Improved communication and team work skills.
  • Improve leadership skills and our understanding others.
  • Increased problem solving and creative abilities.

Whatever your circumstance, this workshop is flexible and adaptable for you. Participants are taken through a series of safe, interactive and entertaining exercises that are chosen to suit your needs.

Everybody will notice their individual strengths and weaknesses and participants will have to communicate (sometimes under pressure), understand each other and solve problems.

COST:   In most cases, each session works out at less than £10 per head.

LENGTH:   The team building workshop length can be as little as 2 hours or last a full day – It’s up to you.

GROUP SIZE:   This workshop can run for group sizes of 6 – 160.

Our team are experienced workshop leaders and will make this a day the pupils will want to do again and again.

What we need from you

A group of people who are ready to get stuck in (numbers from 6 to 160).

A space that is big, safe and comfortable enough for your group.

We Supply

Everything else! – Materials, expert facilitators, sounds, PA systems, prizes, energy, entertainment.

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