Understanding Others

Understanding & Respecting Others

Aimed at: This workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of most levels – suitable for ages 16-25.

Length: Can last from 1 -4 hours.

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Team Building Workshop

Challenging Team Building

Aimed at: Schools, Colleges, youth groups as a tailored option.

Length: From 2 hours – 1 day

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Going for Gold – Raising Aspirations

Overview: Raising Aspirations in vulnerable and homeless people Key Aims: Raised aspirations Increased confidence and self esteem Increased motivation Completion of a life plan with clear, achievable goals and targets Decline in use of drugs and alcohol Increased physical activity Improved use of contraception, particularly LARC (long acting reversible contraception) and condoms. Situation: Young homeless […]

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Communication training workshop for business

Communication Training – A workshop looking at effective customer service Educational theatre has long been used as a methodology within the workplace. However, the methods that we aim to explore are not conventional training strategies.  This  session has been specifically designed for people in business who deal with customers vocally, whether it’s face-to-face or over […]

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