Hard to Reach & Disengaged

Disengaged & Hard to Reach

Aimed at: Disengaged and hard to reach individuals who are struggling and would benefit from a fresh approach

Length: Available as a 1 or 2 hour sessions. We may require individual case studies to prepare the session before hand. Block booking can be made.

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Pupil Premium Theatre Presentation

Presenting: ‘Future Matters’

Overview: A show that aims to increase motivation, raise aspirations and illustrate barriers to reaching attainment potential.

Aimed at: KS3 (years 7 & 8) pupil premium and free school meals cohort, enhancing any pupil premium activities.

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Pupil Premium & FSM Workshop

The Pupil Premium Workshop stands as a follow-up to the pupil premium presentation ‘Future Matters’ or a separate standalone workshop. Whatever option you choose, the aims are exactly the same. This workshop was produced specifically to integrate with general Pupil Premium strategies across UK schools. Key Aims: Raise pupils’ attainment levels and closing the attainment […]

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