‘Risking It All’ – Addressing: CSE, Grooming & Risky Behaviour…

Presenting: ‘Risking It All’

Overview: A hard-hitting piece of verbatim theatre for schools looking at risk taking behaviour, e-safety and the safe guarding of young people.

Aimed at: This performance is pitched at year 9 or 10 audience and could adversely impact some young people due to the issues covered.

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‘The Snap Trap’ – A Performance Addressing Sexting Amongst Young People

Presenting: ‘The Snap Trap’

Overview: ‘The Snap Trap’ is an interactive performance addressing the problems of inappropriate use of technology, including smartphone safety, peer pressure and helping young people recognise risks.

Aimed at:Years 5 and 6.

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Hard to Reach & Disengaged

Disengaged & Hard to Reach

Aimed at: Disengaged and hard to reach individuals who are struggling and would benefit from a fresh approach

Length: Available as a 1 or 2 hour sessions. We may require individual case studies to prepare the session before hand. Block booking can be made.

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Bullying & Victimisation Workshop

Bullying & Victimisation Workshop

Aimed at: KS2 – KS4. This workshop is pitched appropriately for a range of ages and levels.

Length: Usually 1 or 1.5 hour sessions that can be tailored to fit with ACE or any other cyber safety initiative.

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