STEM Presentation – ‘The Career Experiment’

Presenting: ‘The Career Experiment’

Overview:We’re really excited about the ‘Careers Experiment’. It will illustrate the varied career paths the STEM industries have to offer, highlight STEM is for females and inspire more young people to consider STEM subjects.
Aimed at: This performance is designed for year 8 & 9 audiences.

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Year 9 Options Presentation

Presenting: ‘Choices’

Overview: ‘Choices’ is a 45 minute long production helping year’s 8 -11 make informed decisions about their future.

Aimed at: All pupils at key stage 3 & 4 (year 8- 11)

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School Enterprise Day

School Enterprise Workshop

Aimed at: Years 6 – 11. This workshop is available with varying degrees of difficulty.

Length: Usually 4 hours upwards

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Interview Technique Workshop

Overview: Interview Technique workshops, part of the Employability summer school for the Careers Service at Bolton University Key Aims: Implement behavioural interview techniques Explore the S.T.A.R interview approach Discuss Competency, Traditional, Group , Structured, Panel and behavioural Interviews Explore using theatre techniques to improve confidence and self esteem Role play interviews to help gain confidence […]

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‘Choices’ A show about Options

Case Study: ‘Choices’ A Theatre in Education performance for year 9 and Year 11 students. Funded by Telford and Wrekin borough council Overview: Create an engaging piece of theatre looking at options for year 9 and year 11 students with a focus on apprenticeships and different learning styles. Keys Aims Raise awareness of choices available […]

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