05 Oct 2016

STEM Presentation – ‘The Career Experiment’



The ‘Career Experiment’ is the latest addition to our repertoire of outreach and widening participation focused presentations. Produced in collaboration with the Science and Engineering faculty at the University of Chester, it’s a 50-minute presentation for all learners, not just STEM cohorts.

Recent studies conducted by WISE showed students as young as 11 begin to self-identify as ‘not STEM individuals’. (https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/uploads/wise/files/not_for_people_like_me.pdf).

The ‘Career Experiment’ is already being utilised by University Outreach and NCOP hubs and can be delivered on behalf of regional hubs in Universities, colleges and directly into schools.


Rob, the class clown has caused a serious accident in his least favourite lesson…Science. Danielle is caught by the substitute science teacher for taking ‘science selfies’. These two students couldn’t be more opposite but, much to their disdain, Rob and Danielle have to become lab partners for the rest of the term. The journey starts…

The Career Experiment will:

  • To raise awareness of STEM and higher-level study.
  • Work in partnership with organisations and institutions to offer STEM engagement.
  • Promote emerging and alternative routes into STEM careers.
  • Dispel the preconception that STEM subjects are too difficult, uninteresting and don’t offer promising future prospects.
  • Inspire under-represented groups (females) into STEM

Learning Outcomes:

  • Having a better awareness of STEM careers
  • Attainment in STEM subjects is achievable for all learners
  • STEM careers are varied and exciting
  • Females have very successful STEM careers.


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