10 Mar 2016

‘Risking It All’ – Addressing: CSE, Grooming & Risky Behaviour…

Risking It All’ is a hard-hitting piece of verbatim theatre for year 9 and above looking at the issues surrounding risk taking behaviour, including E-Safety and the safeguarding of young people. Performance Length: 50 minutes

Key Aims:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of being safe online.
  • Show the consequences of ‘sexting’ and social media misuse.
  • Present real case studies on sexual exploitation and inappropriate relationships.
  • Address substance and drug misuse.
  • Highlight routes for support and advice for young people.
  • Engage young people in deciding the fate of each character

‘Risking It All’ is a hard hitting piece of verbatim theatre for years 9 and above that considers three story lines, (based on local case studies) of local young people impacted by the following issues: e-safety, substance and alcohol misuse, sex exploitation and inappropriate relationships. This theatrical presentation highlights both the risks and direct consequences young people face. During the performance, pupils are engaged in mid-show discussion using forum theatre. This intervention will allow the audience to decide the fate of the characters and what consequences they will face. 

Feedback from young people
91.4% of the whole year group think that this theatre show is the most effective way to address the issues of e-safety, inappropriate relationships, sex exploitation and substance/drug misuse.

“I felt really sorry for the people and it did make a really good impact on me and others that watched it.”

“It was really gripping and emotional. I liked the end bit where they acted different scenarios.”

“It made me feel sad and it made me more aware how bad risks can lead to other things and what some people have to go through.”

“It made me think hard about my life.”

“I realised that people can be really happy and never down and have really big secrets and things going on at home.”

“It was quite upsetting and worrying but it’s the best way to get the message across and show everyone.”

For a full executive summary of the pilot performance, please send your request by email to info@2engage.co.uk or simply request by going to the Contact Us page.


“It’s a really good drama that brings to life the issues that are really hard to communicate, in reality, to young people.”

Gareth Cheeseman – Cheshire LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children Board).

“I thought it was great, really good to see young people’s stories come to fruition in the play, it was obviously very topical.”

Lindsay Apsley – Outreach Youth Worker (Include Us Youth Project).

“The young people actually take better advice from their peers, rather than a load of adults coming in and just giving them a really dry speech. I think that’s why the interactive element is a really good part of the performance.”

Georgina Browne – Inclusion Manager.

“I have watched the drama and would like to say how well it was delivered and received by the students. It fits very well within the PHSE ethos and covers many topical subjects that our young people are experiencing in their day to day lives.”

Elizabeth Stanton, Safer Schools Partnership, Cheshire Constabulary.

“I thought the performance was great and got the messages across very well. The opportunity to have outside people come into school and deliver messages to students is brilliant. They like getting messages from ‘real people’ not the same old teacher and the content and delivery hit the right notes for the students.

The verbal feedback from the students has been very complimentary and it has provoked a continuation of the topic in PSHCE where they had real issues to discuss.
We are now looking into finding funding to try and book you to come back and deliver to Year 9.”

Stephan Fisher – Senior Teacher KS4 – Christleton High.

As part of a performance of ‘Risking it all’, Year 10 pupils were engaged in a discussion about the vulnerable positions each character found themselves in, the risks they were taking, and the potential consequences they faced. Here’s what the Year 10 students said:

“I liked the performance, it taught people what you should do and not do. Also they said don’t be scared to tell anyone which I thought was very important.”

“I thought that the performance was hard hitting and full of truths and they were well rehearsed and well executed.”

“They got across the idea of thinking about the possible consequences of what you do and the risks that you may take – it was about learning to make the right decisions.”

“The topics and issues performed and discussed are relevant and pertinent to the difficult decisions and risks faced by teenagers in today’s modern world. Having a drama played out in front of them gave students the chance to reflect and see for themselves the bad choices people can make.

The students could relate to the performers and felt confidant to ask questions at the end of the performance. I would definitely recommend this play to other Secondary schools and feel it’s appropriate for Key Stage 4 students and above only. The ‘2engage’ team shared the script prior which gave me and the leadership team the chance to see if the content was appropriate for our students.”

Dylan Green – Head of Year 10 – The Catholic HS Chester.

“The ‘Risking It All’ production was well received by our Year 10 pupils and addressed issues which were relevant to them in a direct, yet sensitive way.  The students were able to relate to the characters and to the possible risks faced by them in their scenarios.  The set was minimal, yet appropriate and worked well on our stage.  The soundscapes were effective and supportive of the action, characterisation and context.  The storyline was well-crafted and engaging and relevant to the audience.  The students felt comfortable participating in the question and answer session to establish the risks that were faced by the characters.  This professional, exciting and informative production would also be of benefit to a KS3 audience.” 

Julie Salisbury – Head of Performing Arts – Blacon High School.

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