19 Jan 2014

Pupil Premium & FSM Workshop


The Pupil Premium Workshop stands as a follow-up to the pupil premium presentation ‘Future Matters’ or a separate standalone workshop. Whatever option you choose, the aims are exactly the same. This workshop was produced specifically to integrate with general Pupil Premium strategies across UK schools.

Key Aims:

  • Raise pupils’ attainment levels and closing the attainment gap.
  • Raise aspirations for the future in young people in the FSM cohort.
  • Increase educational awareness and new approaches to surviving school.
  • Illustrate and explore barriers to attainment e.g. home life, social life, friends and peer groups.
  • Enable teachers to target smaller cohorts on FSM.
  • Exemplify and examine examples of pupils transforming their time at school.

If you feel this workshop would work well alongside your schools approach to the Pupil Premium and Free School meals cohort, please contact us.

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