19 Jan 2014

Primary Transition Workshop

For most children, moving up to secondary school represents leaving childhood behind and becoming a teenager. The experience of transition is something young people look forward to. However, government research has found that negative transitions from primary to secondary occur repeatedly across the majority of secondary schools. Furthermore, the effects of a negative transition have proven to stay with a young person into their mid teens.

This workshop is for schools offering support to young people who are about to go through the delicate transitional phase, enabling them to engage with and partake in transitional activities.

Aimed to help children prepare for the move, this session explores the many uncertainties young people have about moving to ‘big school’, we want to encourage a more positive attitude towards transition; making it something that young people look forward to.

This is a more interactive approach to addressing transition issues and will allow the participants to understand more about their own transition to secondary. This workshop will:

  • To encourage positivity towards secondary school
  • Exploring new routines and being organised at school.
  • Encourage new friendships and a fresh start
  • Improve confidence and boost self-esteem so once at secondary school; participants can settle well in to school life.
  • Explore their hopes and fears about secondary school
  • Examine the main issues of transition to secondary school further
  • Gain confidence through drama skills, presenting their ideas

For more information about this workshop, please contact us here.


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