05 Oct 2011

My Town, My Job – A Career Show

MY TOWN MY JOB A theatre production about Careers

Overview:  A theatre in education performance for year 6 students looking at careers funded by Connexions and Aimhigher Cheshire and Warrington

Key Aims

  • Identifying different jobs and roles in and around our borough and progression
  • Raising participation levels for higher and further education.
  • Dispelling myths about gender and background stereotypes.
  • Looking at interdependence, global dimensions on business
  • Alternative education pathways; apprenticeship, vocational and college
  • Transition from primary to secondary school

Funded by Connexions and Aimhigher Cheshire and Warrington, this show was delivered to a number of primary schools at a celebration event at Whitby High. Aimed at primary school leavers the show introduces pupils to a variety of jobs and roles in the work place. From an F1 driver to fashion model, the show breaks down common myths and stereotypes surrounding certain jobs and gives audiences a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the real jobs available out there and the roles and responsibilities that are required for a mix of profession.

The performance touches upon job progression, gaining qualifications and climbing the career ladder and why jobs are not just for girls or boys but for everyone willing to work hard enough. Using theatre for education 2engage take audiences on a journey around a typical town centre meeting and greeting a variety of characters on the way in this interactive and accessible show based on careers.

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