19 Dec 2013

Leadership Skills Workshop


What is a leader? What makes a good leader? What kind of a leader are you?

The 2engage leadership workshop addresses these questions and much more. Through an interactive workshop, participants are led through a series of decision making exercises and problem solving tasks that explore leadership techniques. Throughout the process, participants identify and assess their own strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to identify their individual leadership styles.

This workshop has already helped young people develop the key skills they need for success in employment or future education. Students build confidence as they become more comfortable with leading a group through a range of tasks. NEETS and hard to reach groups have shown very positive changes after participating in the leadership workshop.

This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop and a great addition to any employability or leadership programme.

This workshop aims to:

  • Provide aspiration raising exercises to motivate and inspire participants.
  • Identify personal leadership qualities and realise their own leadership potential.
  • Offer the opportunity to feedback and discuss various methods of leadership.
  • Enable participants to demonstrate new knowledge of leadership methods.
  • Utilise fun practical team building and problem solving scenarios.

If you would like to book this workshop or have any questions please call 01244 515872 or contact us here.

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