30 Aug 2012

Interview Technique Workshop

2engage iinterview technique workshop at Bolton University

Overview: Interview Technique workshops, part of the Employability summer school for the Careers Service at Bolton University

Key Aims:

  • Implement behavioural interview techniques
  • Explore the S.T.A.R interview approach
  • Discuss Competency, Traditional, Group , Structured, Panel and behavioural Interviews
  • Explore using theatre techniques to improve confidence and self esteem
  • Role play interviews to help gain confidence and offer guidance of how to deal with certain types of interview.

In the current climate, a degree is not always enough. In order for graduates to remain competitive in today’s labour market, they need to have additional employability skills to complement their academic achievements. Writing an effective CV, alongside an attention grabbing covering letter is the initial phase of the employability process. It is only when candidates endure the interview process that employers really begin making decisions. Bolton Careers team wants to offer the opportunity for their students/alumni to sharpen their employability skills.

What 2engage provided:

  • An interactive workshop that involved every individual post-graduate
  • Research into behaivioural and competency based interviews
  • A short comedic performance portraying an unsuccessful interview situation


“Your session was excellent and the students gained a great deal from it, we received some very positive feedback…”

Vanessa Casaru – Careers Employability Adviser

“The summer school has inspired me and given me the motivation I was lacking, to get out there, sell myself in the best possible way and make the most of my abilities”
“Drama Group were excellent and not intimidating as I was expecting”
“I am a very anxious person and the drama group helped my confidence”
“The Summer School has given me the skills to go out confidently into the jobs market”
“I particularly liked the drama group”
“Despite not being in my comfort zone I thought the drama and role play was an excellent idea”

Various Postgraduates – Feedback supplied by University of Bolton Careers Team

The sessions were attended by over 25 delegates from all walks of life with varying experience. Having initially delivered the interview workshops, the careers team at Bolton compiled some excellent feedback. 2engage have now been booked to deliver the workshop for 2 consecutive years making it a valuable part of the employability summer school. If you would like more information about similar workshops we offer please contact us.

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