Interactive and Participatory Consultation



We consult with young people across a range of ages and backgrounds, and we make sure our sessions are adaptable and diverse so we can get the most out of every group we work with.

Our interactive workshops are designed to explore young people’s perspectives in a way that is creative and fun. We use a variety of techniques to engage every individual and gather their opinions, encouraging free speech in an informal and relaxed setting.

We do not make assumptions about the opinions of young people, and we believe that every individual is an essential part of the consultation process. The workshops we deliver are inclusive and never patronising, offering young people the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to their community.

Flexible Consultation

When we consult we move around, meeting people in familiar surroundings so they are as comfortable as possible.  We’ve been to council buildings, community centres, churches, youth clubs and schools to meet with people, collect their opinions and involve them in regeneration.

Documenting and Evidencing Findings

Documenting and supplying evidence of the consultation is just as important as the consultation itself. We provide many forms of evidence and documentation to show that people have engaged with and felt involved in the planning and development of a project. After the delivery of consultation sessions, we collect evidence in many forms and supply clients with a professional report of our findings.

It is important that every voice is heard, and promoting a positive attitude to any young person’s role in the community is incredibly important. Asking for their opinions and offering them a chance to express their views gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility, strengthening community ties and improving their confidence and self-esteem.


If you would like to know more about how 2engage can carry out consultation for your project, please get in touch now.