24 Feb 2014

Hard to Reach & Disengaged


Educational institutions across the UK are faced with a growing number of students requiring extra support. These pupils may struggle with behavioural issues and can also display complex learning needs not always identified by previous schools.

2engage’s alternative curriculum programmes are designed to assist these students to achieve in an environment that will support their needs away from main stream classroom teaching. We believe every child matters. Our programmes have helped disengaged students focus more on education and enabled schools are able to reduce the attainment gap between FSM pupils and their peers.

Our workshops can be delivered as one-off sessions, acting as a positive intervention or as part of an ongoing alternative programme. They are flexible and can be adapted to suit learner needs, focusing on specific targets such as improved confidence and self-esteem, career focus, and motivation. We also have sessions to cover perceptions of each other, anger management and problem solving.

The workshops can be run during lessons or after school and have been delivered to small and larger groups depending on the requirements of the school.

Other benefits of this workshop programme:

  • Aspiration raising exercises to motivate and inspire students.
  • Interactive exercises focusing on motivation, self-esteem and confidence raising.
  • Bespoke sessions and programme addressing behavioural and emotional needs of the disengaged student.
  • Helps student identify and address internal and external barriers in their own lives.
  • Reinforces the positive benefits of education and training.
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