10 Nov 2011

Expecting More – Touring 2012


I think the drama is fantastic – it really engages the students – all the school teaching staff who watched the performance said afterwards how good it was and asked if we can have it again for more students”

Kate Watt (Inclusion Manager at the UCA Academy)

A hard-hitting theatre show for secondary schools looking at risk-taking behaviour and teenage pregnancy  

The show follows the plight of two young mums as they come to terms with their pregnancy, the tough choices they have to make and their relationships with loved ones, family members and most importantly the dads of  their babies.

  • The script was produced using REAL testimonies from REAL teenage parents
  • Audiences are presented with the real life scenarios the Mum’s encountered
  • Capturing the reaction of parents, grandparents, friends and fathers of their children
  • An insight into the barriers they faced and the realisation that being a teenage parent is NOT a free ride
  • Their hopes and fears for the future, and how the teenage parents aspirations had to change

Having ‘Expecting more’ performed at school is an opportunity to invite other agencies to address the young people.  So far drug and alcohol awareness groups, school nurses, connexions, pregnancy crisis centres, health zone workers and even teenage parents themselves have all been part of raising awareness, supporting the young people and driving the message home.

Project  History… TO VIEW THE Tackling teenage pregnancy case study CLICK HERE

2engage Performing Arts were approached by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaCC) in the summer of 2010 with a requirement to address the issue of teenage pregnancy through theatre (a form that is proven accessible for the young people).

Initial funding was granted to write/produce a short (10 minute) play based on the real testimonies of teenage parents, to be performed at the Cheshire Teenage Pregnancy conference.   The research was done through a series of workshops and interviews held at the Youth hub in Ellesmere Port. 2engage were able to interview several  teenage parents from Cheshire (pictured below) and use their statements to commence with the writing of a verbatim piece of theatre about teenage pregnancy.

The piece received much Feedback from delegates at the conference, all being extremely positive. Due to the impact of the piece and interest roused amongst delegates at the conference, CWaCC commissioned further research along with the production of a 30 minute piece of theatre to tour West Cheshire Schools and colleges.

the show has been proposed as a priority by the Teenage Pregnancy Steering Group and the Children’s Trust Board to make this an early intervention initiative. In Autumn 2011 18 shows have were performed in schools and colleges across West Cheshire.

The show was described as:
“Entertaining, pitched at the right level and very entertaining”
“Honest, accurate and thought provoking”

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