26 May 2011

Education Awareness

Case Study: ‘HALO Project’ A series of workshop that aims to connect with students who are struggling with secondary education;  and have become disengaged with their studies in and out of school.

Overview: Improve young people’s awareness of how core school subjects are relevant and important and can be used as a tool to communicate and function in everyday life.

Key Aims:

  • Encourage disengaged teenagers to recognise the importance of school and education
  • Use forum theatre to enable exploration into managing anger issues causing expulsion
  • Improve young people’s self esteem, confidence and aspirations
  • facilitate a session that helps young people deal with conflict resolution in and out of school


The project started with a workshop session that sought to build a rapport with the young people and allow them to gain confidence within themselves and the group.  This part of the process was crucial to the success of the project.  In total, a series of 5 workshops were held and each one very different to the next in a bid to maintain full engagement in the project.

Using image and forum theatre we allowed the young people to examine situations like shop lifting, violence and bullying from other people perspectives.  Snippets of theatre in education were shown to the young people and this created a dialogue for debate on why adults are seen to judge young people.  A local police officer came along to one of the workshops and  the perceptions of both parties were challenged.  A fantastic result to see a the young people building rapport with the police.

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