21 Feb 2014

Dream Timetable Workshop


What would your dream school timetable look like? Would you start at 11am, never have Maths on a Monday morning and always finish on a Friday afternoon with double PE?

2engage explore timetables as part of their widening participation workshop, focusing on the life of a student at University compared to a high school student. Through highlighting the differences between school and higher education we examine why students need to approach the future differently once compulsory education has finished – with freedom comes responsibility.

The session is available as a one or two hour session and is adaptable for GCSE and Post 16 options choices. It can also be adapted for specific HE courses and institutions as part of their widening participation initiative.

What else is covered in the workshop?

  • Aspiration raising exercises to motivate and inspire students.
  • Explores the similarities and differences between Schools and Universities.
  • Interactive exercises focusing on independent study and learning.
  • The importance of time management and schedule planning.
  • Reinforces the positive outcomes of attending University.
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