Conferences, Events and Training

2engage at conference and events

Conferences, conventions and events can be pretty heavy going.   The food may be great, tea and coffee is flowing and the air conditioning is actually working, but there are only so many sessions, seminars and speeches someone can take before concentration dwindles and the energy levels dip.

2engage are a group of professionals who write and produce theatre performances with a message – It’s how we communicate. For over 10 years we have created theatre that is both educational and thought provoking, laying foundations for debate and discussion among our audiences. We guarantee, an intelligently written and professionally delivered performance or presentation will enliven your delegates and put your event or conference head and shoulders above the rest.

Kick start your conference or event with an engaging and thought-provoking piece of live performance or, even better, start the ‘graveyard’ second half with a performance that brings back the energy levels and resets the focus after lunch.  Conferences and events should be interesting and fun and we’ve seen first-hand what it means to the delegates to have a good conference.

2engage meet with clients and establish what needs to be said, what argument needs presenting, where to drop a few private jokes and what we shouldn’t touch with a barge-pole.  It’s then research, more research and a steady stream of communication leading to the final product. Something that, beyond everything, freshens up any conference or event as well as provoking discussion.


“2engage were absolutely fantastic.  Very talented and knowledgeable. I will be contacting them to discuss what they can offer in the way of workshops for our NEET young people.”

Karen Harrison – Turnaround (post 16 Youth Engagement project).

“Only sorry we planned the NQT conference otherwise we’d have definitely ‘engaged’ you.”

Lorna Farlow – (English consultant for Telford and Wrekin).

“Great sessions. I loved the facial expressions.  Well written and thought provoking.”

Richard Smith – LA ICT Consultant.

“Fabulous, entertaining and so ‘on it’.  Well written and performed.”

Catherine Bishop – Deputy Head teacher.