01 Nov 2010

Case Study – Young Carers

Verbatim theatre with Cheshire Young Carers

Case study: ‘OUR STORY’ Young Carers

Overview: A verbatim theatre project that exposes the secret lives of being a young carer in today’s world

Key Aims:

  • To increase participation amongst young carers offering respite through the arts
  • Through verbatim theatre offer young carers a voice and empower them to tell their stories.
  • To raise awareness amongst professionals, social workers and school teachers on the rigours of day-to-day life as a young carer
  • Raise the young carers; confidence, self esteem and aspirations for the future
  • Develop young carers performance and academic skills

The Challenge:

Cheshire Young Carers (cyc) an organisation funded by St John Ambulance have identified 15 – 25 young carers between ages 8 – 18 who would like teachers, professionals and friends to be aware of the daily struggles a young carer faces.


The Result:

This project involved young carers from across Cheshire in a creative process made up of workshops and interviews exploring what it is to be a young carer. Workshop included; Ice breaking, improvisation, devising, poetry and script writing which led to the creation of a performance. After rehearsals, the production was showcased at the John Prescott Theatre (WCC) and the St John Ambulance headquarters in London in front of family, key workers and executives.

The project as a whole was a resounding success, with new friendships being forged in the process. The performance turned out to be a great tool for raising awareness about the lives of Britain’s Young Carers. The cast was made up entirely of young carers form the Cheshire Area although not initially planned.


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