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‘Risking It All’ – Addressing: CSE, Grooming & Risky Behaviour…

Presenting: ‘Risking It All’

Overview: A hard-hitting piece of verbatim theatre for schools looking at risk taking behaviour, e-safety and the safe guarding of young people.

Aimed at: This performance is pitched at year 9 or 10 audience and could adversely impact some young people due to the issues covered.

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‘The Snap Trap’ – A Performance Addressing Sexting Amongst Young People

Presenting: ‘The Snap Trap’

Overview: ‘The Snap Trap’ is an interactive performance addressing the problems of inappropriate use of technology, including smartphone safety, peer pressure and helping young people recognise risks.

Aimed at:Years 5 and 6.

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‘Moving Up’ – A Primary Transition Show

Presenting: ‘Moving Up’

Overview:A 40 minute theatre presentation addressing issues surrounding the transition to secondary school.

Aimed at:Years 5 & 6 as part of any transition activities.

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Pupil Premium Theatre Presentation

Presenting: ‘Future Matters’

Overview: A show that aims to increase motivation, raise aspirations and illustrate barriers to reaching attainment potential.

Aimed at: KS3 (years 7 & 8) pupil premium and free school meals cohort, enhancing any pupil premium activities.

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John Godber Workshop

John Godber Theatre Workshop John Godber is well-known for his highly entertaining and stylised plays that are energetic, comedic and extremely appealing to the GCSE, AS and A-level students we work with. This interactive workshop session, usually lasting 2 hours, examines Godber’s early style and allows students to devise their own work with the techniques […]

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Leadership Skills Workshop

Leadership Skills Workshop

Aimed at: Gifted and talented, FE and HE employability programmes & community projects.

Length: Available from 2 hours or longer.

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Year 9 Options Presentation

Presenting: ‘Choices’

Overview: ‘Choices’ is a 45 minute long production helping year’s 8 -11 make informed decisions about their future.

Aimed at: All pupils at key stage 3 & 4 (year 8- 11)

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School Enterprise Day

School Enterprise Workshop

Aimed at: Years 6 – 11. This workshop is available with varying degrees of difficulty.

Length: Usually 4 hours upwards

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Addressing Teenage Pregnancy in Schools

Presenting: ‘Expecting More’

Overview: ‘Expecting More’ is a theatre in education performance that raises awareness about teenage pregnancy through real life stories told by teenage parents in Cheshire.

Aimed at: Years 9 upwards

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Interview Skills Workshop

Interview Skills Workshop

Aimed at: KS4, College, Sixth Form and University students.

Length: 1.5 hours upwards.

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Understanding Others

Understanding & Respecting Others

Aimed at: This workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of most levels – suitable for ages 16-25.

Length: Can last from 1 -4 hours.

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Team Building Workshop

Challenging Team Building

Aimed at: Schools, Colleges, youth groups as a tailored option.

Length: From 2 hours – 1 day

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Physical Theatre Workshop

This workshop is simply about utilising our bodies and creating engaging theatre. We start off with some simple warm-up exercises and break the ice, an incredibly important part of the workshop, then begin building on the individual’s awareness of space, their body and fellow performers. This workshop is as much about creativity as it is […]

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Interview Technique Workshop

Overview: Interview Technique workshops, part of the Employability summer school for the Careers Service at Bolton University Key Aims: Implement behavioural interview techniques Explore the S.T.A.R interview approach Discuss Competency, Traditional, Group , Structured, Panel and behavioural Interviews Explore using theatre techniques to improve confidence and self esteem Role play interviews to help gain confidence […]

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Careers in Construction

Overview: ‘Building the Future’ – a theatre performance for schools explaining the careers available in the construction and built environment industry. Key aims: Dispel myths about the construction industry and the built environment Highlight the variation of careers available in construction to both men and women Improve the image of the construction industry Show a number of […]

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