18 Dec 2013

Bullying & Victimisation Workshop


18% of children and young people who are worried about bullying said they would not talk to their parents about it.

46% of children and young people say they have been bullied at school at some point.

Bullying in schools continues to be a problem despite efforts on a global scale to prevent it. This workshop openly addresses the topic of victimisation among young people and explores the ‘next generation’ of bullying where victims are attacked by faceless bullies over smart devices and the internet. This workshop is a hard hitting interactive session that addresses many issues surrounding bullying. Students are able to identify different types of victimisation in a safe environment where discussion for change takes place, stories are shared and advice is given.

The workshop contains an interactive forum theatre show, during which students can make suggestions and become involved in the outcomes. Through 2engage’s inclusive and engaging style, pupils share ideas and help develop each other’s understanding on some key topics.

Key Aims:

  • Define all main forms of victimisation.
  • Introduce and explore ‘next generation’ dangers, including ‘sexting’ and social media.
  • Provide advice and support for speaking out.
  • Learn to recognise when bullying is taking place.
  • Show the effects of victimisation.
  • Use forum theatre to provoke engagement and change attitudes toward bullying.
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