21 Feb 2014

Barriers to Learning Workshop


Cohorts of young people are NEET Рnot in education, employment or training Рand are struggling to access learning opportunities so they can achieve their full potential. Many are now leaving educational institutions and finding themselves unemployed without recognised qualifications and without a route back into training or further education.  There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including financial, emotional and physical barriers. These barriers to learning are preventing young people achieving within education and training and this is a serious issue.

The 2engage Barriers to learning workshop is in a constant state of flux, aimed at young people of all ages to explore what is stopping so many young people reaching their full potential. We want young people to be equipped with improved confidence and self-esteem and a new attitude towards education and training. The knowledge and skills in this workshop will motivate them further and provoke them to re-engage with education and training.

What else is covered in the workshop?

  • Aspiration raising exercises to motivate and inspire students.
  • ¬†Cover learning disabilities and impairments such as dyslexia.
  • Interactive exercises focusing on motivation, self-esteem and confidence raising.
  • Gives practical advice and support in regards finance and support.
  • Helps student identify and address internal and external barriers in their own lives.
  • Reinforces the positive benefits of education and training.
  • Educates young people to career pathways such as FE, HE and Apprenticeships and on the job training.
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