19 Oct 2013

Assertiveness Workshop

Assertiveness-WorkshopAssertiveness Training Workshops

Every once in a while you are asked to do something that you can’t do. Whether it is at work, school, home or with friends, this situation is inevitable. But what if you feel like you can’t say no? Do you have the ability to be honest about the situation and explain that you cannot help or are you one of the many who show non-assertive traits? This workshops aims to examine what being a more assertive person means and improve confidence and communication skills.

During a group discussion we share passed experience and then animate them using forum theatre. There is also an open discussion and an opportunity for role-play so the participants can identify where they could have been more assertive and where they have been going wrong. This workshop is not just an introduction to assertiveness, it is to make sure participants have the confidence when it comes to interacting with colleagues or peers to be honest, say no or simply communicate more effectively.

This session can be delivered in most environments and can be adapted to suit the participants from the age of 16 upwards as part of an employability programme. It has proved successful with vulnerable adults as well as within a corporate environment.

This workshop will:

  • See participants take part in a series of confidence building activities.
  • Enable exploration of real situations through forum theatre.
  • Encourage participants to take responsibility to work on weaknesses.
  • De-construct some effective communication techniques.
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