STEM Presentation – ‘The Career Experiment’

Presenting: ‘The Career Experiment’

Overview:We’re really excited about the ‘Careers Experiment’. It will illustrate the varied career paths the STEM industries have to offer, highlight STEM is for females and inspire more young people to consider STEM subjects.
Aimed at: This performance is designed for year 8 & 9 audiences.

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‘Risking It All’ – Addressing: CSE, Grooming & Risky Behaviour…

Presenting: ‘Risking It All’

Overview: A hard-hitting piece of verbatim theatre for schools looking at risk taking behaviour, e-safety and the safe guarding of young people.

Aimed at: This performance is pitched at year 9 or 10 audience and could adversely impact some young people due to the issues covered.

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‘The Snap Trap’ – A Performance Addressing Sexting Amongst Young People

Presenting: ‘The Snap Trap’

Overview: ‘The Snap Trap’ is an interactive performance addressing the problems of inappropriate use of technology, including smartphone safety, peer pressure and helping young people recognise risks.

Aimed at:Years 5 and 6.

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‘Moving Up’ – A Primary Transition Show

Presenting: ‘Moving Up’

Overview:A 40 minute theatre presentation addressing issues surrounding the transition to secondary school.

Aimed at:Years 5 & 6 as part of any transition activities.

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Pupil Premium Theatre Presentation

Presenting: ‘Future Matters’

Overview: A show that aims to increase motivation, raise aspirations and illustrate barriers to reaching attainment potential.

Aimed at: KS3 (years 7 & 8) pupil premium and free school meals cohort, enhancing any pupil premium activities.

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Year 9 Options Presentation

Presenting: ‘Choices’

Overview: ‘Choices’ is a 45 minute long production helping year’s 8 -11 make informed decisions about their future.

Aimed at: All pupils at key stage 3 & 4 (year 8- 11)

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Addressing Teenage Pregnancy in Schools

Presenting: ‘Expecting More’

Overview: ‘Expecting More’ is a theatre in education performance that raises awareness about teenage pregnancy through real life stories told by teenage parents in Cheshire.

Aimed at: Years 9 upwards

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Widening Participation in University

Presenting: ‘The University Challenge’

Overview: A theatrical performance that encourages pupils to consider higher education

Aimed at: Versions of this show are aimed at years 7-11

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