13 Jun 2012

Careers in Construction

‘Building the Future’ – a theatre performance for schools explaining the careers available in the construction and built environment industry.

Key aims:

  • Dispel myths about the construction industry and the built environment
  • Highlight the variation of careers available in construction to both men and women
  • Improve the image of the construction industry
  • Show a number of pathways into the industry from post 14 onwards

Outputs :

  • Performed to selected students from 6 different schools in the Salford Area.
  • Performed 3 times across 2 days.


‘Building the future’ engages the audience through comedy and satire. It uses stereotypical characters found in the construction industry, and eliminates the perceived myths surrounding the built environment. The show takes the audience on a journey highlighting the different careers available to both men and women. It also shows the construction industry in a positive way, and explains the various pathways into the industry from post 14 years onwards.


“It was a pleasure to work with you on the two recent AimHigher school events. I was certainly impressed by how effective a humorous drama performance could be in reaching that age group. The construction industry is certainly fertile ground for identifying humorous situations but you struck the right balance between portraying some of the misconceptions and myths about the true construction industry and the importance of responsible and professional conduct.”

David Baldry – Deputy Head, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford

“I’m really pleased that we commissioned this performance, it worked out really well. It was a highly entertaining performance, with a clear message that the built environment/ construction sector is one with careers for all”

Farah Akhtar – Aimhigher Borough Coordinator

“I was very impressed with how your company brought to life the opportunities available in the construction industry, dispelling quite a few myths along the way”

Roy Cavanagh MBE, Training & Education Executive, Seddon

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